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     The SUCCEEDU Approach


Research has shown that when children understand the process of learning, they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, children can discuss their learning and next steps. We call this process metacognition – The ability to understand the process of learning. Metacognition can impact educational progress by as much as 8 months (Hattie, 2012) 


Questioning is the second most dominant teaching method after teacher talk (Cotton 2000; van Hees 2011). Good questioning helps children to understand the tasks they are set. 

Using well-thought-out questions, the teacher/parent is able to gauge how well their child understands a topic which encourages children to understand their own learning.

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How to use SUCCEEDU  

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Discussions before, during and after a task help to develop self-confidence and  a deeper understanding of the learning.


Succeedu will donate some of its profits in supporting individuals and communities both locally and around the world who struggle to access basic education due to poverty, conflict or personal obstacles.

The SUCCEEDU Promise

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