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Elementary School Teacher

My Story


I formed Succeedu Education Ltd in May 2017 with the purpose of providing learning resources for parents and teachers to use at home or in school. My aim was to produce high-quality resources that cover the English National Curriculum’s requirement for English and Mathematics in KS1 and KS2 for English and Mathematics as well as supporting an independent approach to learning.

With home schooling from parents and online learning from teachers, there has never been a more important time for a consistent approach to teaching. A common theme in education is how parents find new approaches to teaching confusing. This results in parents teaching the same way they were taught at school – often teaching a method which may not be appropriate at the that time in their child’s education.    

My aim is to help bridge the gap between what is learnt at home and at school whilst also supporting our young learners in being more independent and resilient when they find things difficult. 

Succeedu aims to involve everyone – children, parents and teachers - in the learning process. A quote which summarises Succeedu’s approach

“Tell me and I forget”

“Teach me and I remember”

“Involve me and I learn.”


Thanks for reading

Steven Rhodes

Founder Succeedu Education

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